Your Dog Guard trainer will work with you and your dog. He will show you how to hold the latched collar in your hand and how to lead your dog on the leash with your other hand. Week 1 of training must be done for 7 days and your dog must NOT be off of the leash.

Train your dog 1 to 3 times per day for 5-10 minutes per training session. Keep your dog on a leash at ALL times for the first 7 days.

Start by allowing the pet to see you shake and/or slap the flags while commanding “get back”.

If you have a headstrong dog who after day 4 still wants to approach the flags, put the Dog Guard collar on your dog while on the leash.  As he approaches the flag, let him quickly feel the correction and pull him back saying “get back” then move back to the center of the yard and offer him praise.  He should then no longer want to approach the flags and you can continue training with the collar in your hand.

This is the best way to keep it simple and keep your pet safe.

Proofing: Week 2
If, after 7 days, your dog is showing that he is hesitant to approach the flags, go ahead and put on the Dog Guard collar. Remind him of the flags and then move into the center of the yard and remove the leash. Call him to follow you around the center of the yard and praise him. Walk around the yard, keeping his attention and calling him to different areas of the yard, offering praise.

If he tries to approach the flags, loudly command “get back”. When he retreats from the flags, praise him.

If he continues into the flags and correction zone, this is a teaching moment. If he feels the correction, quickly bring him back into the center of the yard and briefly comfort him ( Do not overreact and stay calm for your dog’s sake). Put him back on the leash and lead him back to the flag he approached. Shake the flag at him and command “get back”. Then walk him back to the safety of the yard and let him go again, offering praise.

For the next 7 days bring him out into the yard on the leash. Remind him of the flags before letting him off of the leash. You are looking for him to show you that he does not want to approach the flags.

Do not leave your dog unattended in the yard for the next 7 days. If your dog still seems willing to approach the flags on occasion, keep him on the leash while wearing the dog guard collar but let him be in control of where he goes in the yard. If he approaches the flags, quickly pull him back and command “get back”. When he goes 2 days without trying to approach the flags, then start letting him go in the yard without a leash.

If your dog makes a mistake and goes beyond the flags (and he may), stay calm! Take the Dog Guard collar off of his neck and walk him back in. Put the collar back on and put him back on the leash and take him gently toward the area where he went into the flags. Shake the flag at him and command “get back”. Then take him back to the center of the yard and offer him brief praise and let him off of the leash again.

Freedom: Week 3
Test your dog. Get your dogs attention and leave the yard. Your dog should stay well back from the flags. Throw a ball or toy through the flags to ensure that your dog will not approach the flags. If he approaches the flags, command “get back” , direct him to the center of the yard and offer praise.

The flags should stay in the yard for 5 to 6 weeks.

Enjoy your Dog Guard Fence!!

It is natural for your dog to want to stay away from the flags and move around only in the center of the yard for the first 3 weeks. He will broaden his field over the next week. You can help him feel more confident by calling him to different areas of the yard offering encouragement when he moves to a new area.

If any problems or questions arise when you are training your pet, please feel free to call us. We will be more than happy to assist you.